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With the help of ADAS(Advanced Driving Assist System) which is expected to help drivers drive, stop, turn, sense and measure, automobiles will be safer.ADAS is expected to sense and measure objects on roads by using several sensors such as image sensors of camera and laser sensor, and to control the automobile more safely.System developers are supposed to verify the current situation judged by the assistance system visually and accurately.

VERTechs provides a virtual environment with more data sets than actually captured images
for verifying ADAS simulations.

More Realistic than The Real for Human

Players in automotive industries, such as automobile companies(OEM), 1st suppliers(Tier1),2nd suppliers(Tier2) and manufactures of visual sensors and measurement sensors, gather large volume of actual driving data for developing ADAS control systems and further auto driving systems.The data includes several patterns of driving on different situations of roads and traffics.

Control systems for auto driving such as driver control model with AI will be optimized by using machine learning or deep learning,coupled with large volume of data.

However, it is difficult to verify the performance limit of individual sensors in all time frames, even if there were plenty of actual driving data.


⭕️ Location change of the sun in a year(365 days).

⭕️ Environmental change of weathers(rain, fog and snow)

⭕️ Secular change of roads (especially,color fade-out of white lines)

⭕️ Situaltion change influenced by other cars (ex. lights)


Specific driving data will be constructed in virtual environment and combined with lots of transition factors on actual roads. Those cyclopedic tests that are difficult on actual roards, and tests on roards that are out of existence (such as new roads or surrounding buildings), will be possible in virtual environments.Eventually, the safety and security will be improved.

UE4を用いたフルCG映像のDeep Learning認識結果


ソフトウェア環境開発 × リアルなバーチャル映像

バーテックス株式会社( VERTechs.Inc )は、高い安全性と信頼性が求められる自動車や産業機器向けに最適なソフトウェア開発環境を追及・提供することに豊富な経験を持ち、自動車業界との太いパイプを持つ株式会社アドバンスド・データ・コントロールズと、映画・CMで多用するコンピュータグラフィックスおよびゲームエンジンを用いたリアルタイムレンダリング技術で数多くの先鋭的な実績と卓越した技術力でリアルなバーチャル映像を創造し続ける株式会社wiseの出会いにより設立された会社です。

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